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5 Ways to Preserve Your Blowout

Does your salon-fresh blowout only last a few days? Let's talk about how to get the most out of your blowout and make it last, heat-free.

Here are 5 ways you can maintain your straight silky hair without applying excessive heat!

1. Wrap your hair

Aside from creating a gorgeous look for Rihanna to receive her AMA Icon Award in 2013, the hair wrap a.k.a "doobie hair wrap" also serves as a great way to preserve a fresh blowout.

Grab a paddle brush or a comb and swoop your hair around your head to prevent ruining your hair in your sleep. You can apply a bit of oil before wrapping to prevent frizz. Use pins or clips if hair does not stay in place while wrapping and then tie hair up with a satin scarf and remove the clips so that you do not have dents in your hair when you wake up.

The hair wrap, in my opinion, is key to maintaining a fresh silky blowout. It is undefeated to this day.

How to Wrap your Hair:

2. Pin Curls

Pin curls date way back to the 1930s. During the Great Depression, as a way to save money by not going to the salon, women used pin curls on wet hair to create bouncy curls after taking them out when dry. In today's culture, pin curls are a great way of maintaining the bouncy curls created in the salon.

We've all been there when we just come back from the salon with voluminuous bouncy blown-out curls just for them to look dull and limp the next day. Then some of us may have tried to go over our blowout with more heat in an attempt to recreate the curls the stylist gave us just for our hair to look the same or for the curls not to last the next day and thus, the cycle repeats. Pin curling your hair every night before you go to bed is your best shot at keeping that "salon hair" look without consistently putting your hair at risk of being heat damaged.

How to PIn Curl your Hair:

3. Avoid humidity

Any type of water or moisture can cause your hair to revert. This is why it is important to cover your hair with a scarf or cap when you have to step out into rainy weather. Make sure to cover your hair also before getting into the tub, preferably with a scarf and a shower cap. In addition to covering your hair, avoid activities that will cause you to sweat a lot if you are looking to get the most out of your blowout.

If the weather is very humid where you live, don't spend too much time outside, but there are oils and serums that you can use that will help to reduce frizz from humidity.

4. Don't Touch!

I know it's tempting to play with your new silky strands, but running your hands through your hair too much can cause friction which will result in frizz and fly-aways. If you must touch your hair with your hands for styling purposes, apply a bit of oil to your fingers first, but to best maintain your blowout, as a mother would say to her young child, "keep your hands to yourself!"

5. Rollers & Rods

If your blowout got a little frizzy, it's okay. To get the most out of your blowout, you can always use sponge rollers or flexi rods to create bouncy, voluminous textured curls. Take a little bit of oil and apply it throughout your hair to help smooth it out and give it some shine, then roll your hair section by section with your choice of rods or rollers depending on the look you want to achieve. Apply a satin scarf over it, go to bed, and wake up to flawless heat-free curls. You're welcome!

How to Revive an Old Blowout with Rollers:

How to Revive an Old Blowout with Perm Rods:

There are many useful and creative ways that you can preserve your new style. With the proper maintainence, you can put the flat-iron away and get the most out of your blowout, heat-free!

What are some tips you have for preserving your blowout?

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