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Finding the right products and trying new styles as a natural can be a very exhausting process. For those who are transitioning, developing the confidence to wear and maintain your natural hair can also be a struggle, which is why most women are reluctant to “go natural.” From growing up in a salon with heat trained natural and a licensed cosmetologist mother to experiencing heat and chemical damage in college to making the big chop and learning how to care for my natural hair, I can relate to many struggles and concerns within the natural hair community. 

From experience, I have so much knowledge and so many stories to share. I know firsthand that being natural is not always a breeze and that there is a lot of misinformation out there about natural hair, so I created Her Crown and Glory to make maintaining your crown a pleasant and fun process. Her Crown and Glory aims to inform you with useful knowledge and provide you with the best products to take care of your hair so that you can focus less on the struggles that come with natural hair and embrace the beauty of it. 


Imani Gabriel. Owner of Her Crown and Glory, LLC

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