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Mastering the Twist-out: 5 Reasons your Twist-out might be Failing

Whether you’re an OG natural or new natural, we may all at some point face the task of completing a twist out. It can be frustrating when you attempt a style, and it does not come out as expected. However, once you’ve mastered the twist out, it can make such a difference in your journey as a natural. You have a style that is easy to do and allows you to do your hair with ease and minimum effort for the rest of the week.

Let's get into how to master the twist-out by addressing five reasons your twist-out may be failing, so that you can avoid the mistakes and embrace those curls!

5 Reasons your Twist-out might be Failing

Reason #1: Your hair not moisturized or wet enough

Though it is possible to achieve a decent twist-out on dry hair, I find that for the best results, you should do your twist-out on freshly washed hair and use moisturizing products. Styling damp or completely wet hair makes your hair easier to manipulate. As a result, your natural will hold shape better and you may even find that your style lasts longer.

Solution: Natural hair is easier to mold when completely wet and with the use of a good twisting cream. Start your twist-out on damp hair and find a cream or mousse that works well with your hair and will hold your hair in the twists until dry. If your hair soaks up moisture quickly, keep a spray bottle nearby while styling and reapply product as needed. You may have to experiment with products to find the right one for you. You can take our hair quiz to find the right products for your natural hair or try one of the twisting creams from our shop that are known to work well for all hair types.

Reason #2: Taking it out before it’s dry

This is a common mistake all naturals have made at some point. Taking your twists out prematurely will make your style more prone to frizz and shrinkage which will defeat the purpose of the twist out. Remember patience is a virtue.

Solution: For the best results and to ensure that your style is long lasting, leave twists in for one to two days or sit under a hooded dryer until hair is completely dry. Blow drying is also an option if you are in a rush. I usually pull my twists into a ponytail or bun, pop on a headband, sleek my edges, then go about my day. It’s a cute, neat protective style and it makes for gorgeous curls the next day or however long you decide to leave them in. I have also seen naturals use scarves and headwraps to cover twists when they go out. I know you are in a rush to slay, but sis, you have got to let those twists dry!

Reason #3: Twisting too loose

If your twists are too loose, your style will not hold. Make sure your twists are nice and tight for maximum definition and the best results. Depending on the texture and thickness of your hair, you may want to opt for smaller sections with more twists.

Solution: Below is a great tutorial on how to properly two-strand twist your natural hair.

Reason #4: You need a trim!

If your hair is unhealthy or overdue for a trim, you may notice that your hair loses moisture extremely quickly or that your ends are dry and brittle or not holding the twists.

Solution: The only solution here is to get a trim and work on repairing your hair to a healthy state. When your hair is healthy not only does it make your natural hair easier to style, but your styles look better and lasts longer. As a quick fix, you can curl your ends with rods or rollers, but believe me when I say a good trim makes every style look 10x better!

Reason #5: You are not detangling properly.

When detangling while twisting, you create more frizz, prolong the process of styling, and your hair may still be tangled and knotted within the twists. All these things will shorten the duration of your style. Knots are NOT good. A good lasting hairstyle will always begin with freshly detangled moisturized strands.

Solution: Detangle your hair before styling with a leave-in conditioner or conditioning spray. Make sure your hair is detangled from roots to the ends so that you can create smooth silky twists that make for an awesome twist-out.

If you are guilty of any of these twist-out no no's, hopefully the solutions listed can help you achieve your best twist-out yet! Which of these tips did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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