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Hair Goals? We have solutions!

Let us find the right products for you so that you don't have to. Quality hair care delivered to your doorstep quarterly.

Our Purpose

With an influx of POC "going natural," there's a need for natural hair education now more than ever. Many naturals struggle to find the right products or proper routines to care for their hair.

Because natural hair is so complex, we know finding the right hair care routine is not a one-size-fits-all.


Her Crown and Glory is here to simplify the process and help naturalistas find what works for them so they can embrace their natural with confidence. 

How It Works

Simplify your Hair Care

With Her Crown and Glory Subscription Box, you get the quality products your hair needs and the information you need to develop a routine your hair will love! It's quality hair care delivered to your doorstep for a fraction of the cost.

Save Money on Products

According to a survey done by LOOKFANTASTIC, women in the U.S. spend roughly $80/mo. on hair products.

Our subscription box cuts that number in half by providing with quality products that work and reduces your need to buy more.

Get the Information You Need

Women across the U.S., especially in the natural hair community spend hours online to find solutions to their hair needs. Additional hours are spent weeding out misinformation and trying routines that don't work for their hair. 

We include a Hair Guide in each subscription box to ensure naturalistas get the right information and to help them build their perfect hair care routine.

Join a Community

Join a community of naturals all dedicated to learning to care for their hair by following our social media and engaging with our informative blog posts.

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