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Slay Your Goals: A Guide to Keeping It Real in the New Year with Natural Hair Vibes

Updated: Jan 4

Hey Queens! Can you believe we're about to step into a whole new year? It's the season of fresh starts, new vibes, and of course, setting those bomb New Year goals. In anticipation of stepping into the upcoming year, the season of fresh starts and new vibes, the focus shifts to setting inspiring New Year goals arises the potential challenge of maintaining these resolutions, but fear not because this comprehensive guide is here to help you navigate the path to success.

A woman with an afro sipping a cocktail at New Year's party

This guide aims to infuse a sprinkle of magic into your resolutions while keeping those natural curls poppin', ensuring you slay your goals in the most fabulous way possible.

Let's get into it!

1. Set Goals Like You Set Your Edges - Firm but Flexible

Just like laying those edges, your goals need to be firm enough to hold it down but flexible enough to adjust when life throws you a curveball. Set clear objectives, but remember, it's okay to pivot and slay a new path if needed. It's all about that adaptability, boo!

2. Create a Vision Board That's as Lit as Your Twist-Out

Grab those magazines, print out those affirmations, and get to work on a vision board that screams "I'm that chick!" Stick your goals up there alongside pics of your dream 'fro, and watch the magic unfold. It's like manifesting with a twist!

3. Keep Your Circle Tight Like Your Wash and Go Curl Definition

Surround yourself with those who lift you higher, just like a good wash and go brings out your natural curl pattern. Positive vibes only, honey! Your crew should be cheering you on like they do when your curls are poppin' on wash day.

4. Protective Style Your Goals - Break Them Down into Mini Achievements

We know how protective styles keep our curls flourishing, right? Apply the same concept to your goals. Break them down into bite-sized chunks. Achieving those mini-goals is like taking down braids - satisfying and empowering.

5. Use Your 'Fro Magic to Boost Confidence

Your natural crown is your source of power, and it’s time to rock it with confidence. When you feel doubt creeping in, draw inspiration from the brilliance of your most fabulous twist-out or braid-out. Remember, you got this, Queen!

6. Document Your Journey Like a Twist-Out Tutorial

Capture the highs, the lows, and the in-betweens. Whether it's a journal, a blog, or vlogging, document your journey like you're dropping the hottest twist-out tutorial on the internet. Reflecting on your progress is a major key to staying on track.

7. Celebrate Achievements Like You Celebrate a Successful Bantu Knot Out

When you achieve a goal, celebrate it like you just nailed the perfect Bantu knot out. Whether it's a dance party, a solo photoshoot, or treating yourself to something special, acknowledge your wins, big or small.

8. Stay True to Yourself - Your Goals, Your Journey, Your Crown

In the world of resolutions and natural hair, authenticity reigns supreme. Stay true to yourself, your goals, and the fabulous journey you're on. Your crown, your rules!

So, there you have it, Queens - a guide to slaying your New Year goals in a way that's as fierce as your natural hair. Let's step into the new year with confidence, curls poppin', and goals slayed. 2023, we're coming for you! 💁🏾‍♀️👑✨

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